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Page last updated 1.10.11

Welcome to the Manx Organic Network website.

The Manx Organic Network (MON for short) is a voluntary organisation made up of local people here on the Isle of Man including lots of consumers, as well as smallholders, gardeners, farmers and retailers. Our main concern is to help increase the availability of local Manx organic produce.

Our aims and objectives are quite simply:

  • To promote awareness of the benefits of organically produced food and sustainable agriculture.

  • Promote Manx organic farmers and growers by encouraging consumers to buy locally produced organic food.

  • Create a network of local resorces, infomation and advice.

  • Encourage the Manx Government to continue and increase its support for organic production.

  • Develop an identifiable Monx Organic brand. To promote awareness of the benefits of organically produced food and sustainable agriculture.

MON is and always has been run entirely on a voluntary basis.  We have relatively recently changed its status to become a charity.  The reasons for   this and the implications will be explained in a Newsletter in the coming months.

The key elements of MON currently are the following interrelated groups:

The MON Committee
– the original MON organising group.  A broad group of interested consumers and producers.  In time, handing over more responsibility to, and supportive of,

The Manx Organic Producers Group
– the key to satisfying demand for local organic.  They are the people whose livelihoods depend on making a success of producing to match consumer requirements.

The Manx Organic Action Group
– a temporary group with representatives from these local organic groups, and from government, MNFU and key processors. Set up in 2010 to oversee the use of a fixed government fund to help implement the 2008 Organic    Action Plan and improve the effectiveness of the local organic distribution chain – from field to fork.  Its job will be completed by 2012.

Click here to see the Organic Action Plan. To return back to the website just close the Organic Action Plan.

Communications with MON supporters is principally through Newsletters.  To follow the development of MON and local organic foods since its inception in 2004, please go to the Newsletter section or click  herewhere you will find all the issues in   ascending order.  We hope you find them interesting reading.  To bring you right up to date is the Summer 2011 edition, recently sent to over 600 of our supporters locally (either  by post or more economically by e-mail if possible).

We don’t need to emphasise the economic problems during the last 2 years.  We have been exceptionally busy during that time, in particular working with the Manx Organic Producers Group, with government and with the rest of the supply chain    from field to fork to maintain and rebuild.  
For local beef, lamb and Loaghtan, we have the key advantage of certified organic producers; a certified processor in the form of Isle of Man Meats; and a certified retailer in Radcliffe’s Butchers of Castletown, able to deliver to the whole Island,    for those who can’t get to their shop.  
For certified vegetables and herbs, we have producers selling direct to the consumer through local markets.  
For certified eggs, producers sell both directly and also through selected retailers.  

For all the information you require, please go to the Where To Buy section or click here There you will find details of producers, and where and when you can satisfy your needs.  

Why do we keep on mentioning ‘certified organic’? That is because it is the process of producers, processors and retailers working within the certification arrangements that is your guarantee; the guarantee that our organic food is    produced and handled in a way which we are confident will be better for us – we are what we eat – and better for the environment in which we live.  Organic production methods are generally more expensive and our local producers    are particularly proud of the way they rear their animals and grow their crops.  We have the choice to place the food we consume higher up the agenda of our overall consumption of goods and services; we who choose to buy local organic food can take  a   lot of satisfaction from knowing that, for the extra cost, we are doing the very best we can.

This is your website.  If you wish, please use it to communicate with your Committee and producers.  More choices for you to make! Please use the Contact Us section or click herewhere  you can send me an e-mail if you have a query or a suggestion.   If you are new to MON, then we will be pleased to add you to our circulation list for Newsletters (and if you have an e-mail, other information between Newsletters.)

Go direct to the producers on their numbers in the  to Buy Organic section, or even better buy their produce where they sell.

Go direct to Radcliffe’s of Castletown – either to their shop if it is convenient or buy via their website and have it delivered.  As a MON contact already, you can benefit from the extra discount as a member of the MON Meat Buying    Club.

We look forward to renewing our regular contact with MON supporters, and also to welcoming new ones.

Janet Bridle


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